Detroit Officer Rapes Woman That Reported Assault

Detroit, Michigan

A Detroit woman call police alleging that her boyfriend assaulted her, but her situation gets worse when police arrive. She said the officers first separated her and her boyfriend. Officer Deon Nunlee took her upstairs, while his partner stayed down stairs with the boyfriend. The woman says that Officer Nunlee sexually assaulted her once up stairs, and said he would be back later to do it again. 

The woman told two friends on that October 30th 2013 night, and reported it to police the next day. A rape kit was conducted at a local hospital and shipped out to the Detroit Crime Lab. Officer Nunlee was arrested and charged with five counts related to the alleged rape when the results came back positive for his DNA. 

Current Status

  • Officer Deon Nunlee has been charged with five counts and scheduled for a preliminary review (1) 


Officer Deon Nunlee

  • A Detroit Police Officer since 2008 (3)



The Alleged Sexual Assault

  • Woman Called 911 to report that her boyfriend assaulted her (1)
  • Officer Deon Nunlee took the woman upstairs (1)
  • His partner stayed downstairs with her boyfriend (1)
  • She alleged that Officer Nunlee sexually assaulted her at that time, and said he would come back again later that night (2)


  • Internal Affairs began an investigation after the incident was reported (1)
  • A rape kit was conducted on the alleged victim (1) 

Charges for Officer Deon Nunlee 

  • Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct - 3 counts (1)
  • Assault with Intent to Penetrate (1)
  • Misconduct in Office (1)




10/30/13 - Officer Deon Nunlee and his partner respond to a domestic disturbance call, Officer Deon nunlee took the woman upstairs (1) 

10/31/13 - The alleged victim reported the incident to police. Officer Nunlee was placed on administrative leave with pay. (1)

2/10/14 - The police announced that the lab results from the rape kit came back form the Michigan State Crime Lab. Police told 7 Action News that the results linked Officer Nunlee to the crime.  (1)

3/7/14 - Officer Nunlee was arraigned on a total of five counts and suspended from the Detroit Police Department without pay. (1)

4/17/14 - (9 a.m.) Scheduled preliminary exam. (1)


“Nunlee took the woman upstairs and his partner remained with the male downstairs. It is alleged that when Nunlee was in an upstairs bedroom with the woman he sexually assaulted her.” - Prosecutor Kym Worthy, in a press release (2)

“It is alleged that when Nunlee was in an upstairs bedroom with the woman he sexually assaulted her. While they were alone upstairs, Nunlee indicated he would be coming back to the house later at 7 a.m.” - Maria Miller, spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor (4)

"This is the type of misconduct that should never happen.This does not reflect the work the Detroit Police Department does each and every day." - Police Chief James Craig, to reporters on 3/7/14 (3)

"I would go out and say that I think the majority of the public has a great deal of confidence and faith in this police department, and people should never lose sight that when we hire police officers we hire from the community, and you all know that there's people in our community that commit crimes. They make bad choices, make bad decisions, and police officers are no different." - Police Chief James Craig, to reporters on 3/7/14 (3)

“He has nothing anywhere near this degree of misconduct.” - Detroit Police Commander Johnny Thomas, referring to Officer Nunlee's file (4)

“Once the criminal case is over we will do our internal investigation.” - Detroit Police Commander Johnny Thomas, (4)

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